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For well over 10 years, Michigan-based keyboardist Christian Walker has steadily cultivated his craft in several avenues, making him one of the most prolific and sought-after musicians in the Metro Detroit area today.  As the 2nd oldest of the late Tommie “Gunn” Walker’s four sons, Christian was groomed under the tutelage of Tommie’s musical genius, and alongside his older brother, Tommie Jr., he has become an incredibly deft producer in his own right. 


Christian accredits his versatility and dexterity between genres to his mentors and varied musical influences such as gospel, pop, jazz, and R&B.  Lending his talents to several church communities, private studio recording sessions and a host of local as well as national artists, Christian has brilliantly used his multifaceted artistry to inform his work in music production. Whether a smooth melodic ballad or a jazz-inspired R&B groove, his fresh approach and inspired skill bring new life to everything he touches.


An innovative teacher and gifted singer-songwriter, Christian Walker is the CEO of Christian Walker Muzic and the architect of his own brand of musical flavor. 

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